ברוכים הבאים לבית היצירה ע”ש סימון קרצ׳מר

We came together inspired by the works of Simon Karczmar to bridge the past, the present and the future.

For this we employ both the artist‘s works and the history of Dieveniškės Shtetl. It was this town, its community, its daily life and celebrations that became the characters of the author’s works. The memories and impressions of the five-year-old Szmaja’s summer vacations at his grandparents‘ house in Dieveniškės were embodied in canvases and graphic works. They travelled around the world and, finally, came back home 110 years later.

“Museum on wheels”, the collection of father’s works preserved by the artist’s son Natan continues its journey in Lithuania and abroad. Simon Karczmar brings us back to the diverse, colorful and vibrant, and, unfortunately, already lost world of the Shtetl.


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